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Ask Your Lawmakers to Oppose Eye Surgery by Optometrists

This article was written by Ray Shamlin for The Wilson Times. 

There are currently two bills in the N.C. General Assembly, one in the House of Representatives and one in the state Senate, that are dangerous and can affect North Carolinians adversely.

House Bill 36 and Senate Bill 342, titled the Enact Enhanced Access to Eye Care Act, will allow optometrists to perform surgery on the human body. Both these bills have been submitted without regard to their impact on the vision of North Carolinians.

An optometrist is not a licensed medical doctor and therefore has not had the in-depth medical training required to perform surgery on any part of the human body. The training that optometrists have received is limited to the eyes. Nowhere in the training are surgical skills taught. Nowhere in the training is there medical training for the entire human body.

I have had five eye surgeries, three corneal transplants and two cataract removals on my eyes, Because of those surgeries, I am admittedly opposed to both these bills.

Publication: The Wilson Times

Date Published: June 5, 2017

HB36 is a dangerous bill before the North Carolina General Assembly. If passed, HB36 will enable Optometrists, who did not attend medical school, the ability to perform eye surgery within our state.