Video: HB36 Endangers Patient Safety in NC - Safe Surgery NC

Video: HB36 Endangers Patient Safety in NC

HB36 is a piece of legislation that would open the door for people without medical degrees to perform surgery in the state of North Carolina. Optometrists – who are not surgeons or medical doctors – would be allowed to perform eye surgeries. Patients operated on by Optometrists are 2.5 times more likely to have their surgery repeated. Only real eye surgeons, Opthalmologists, who have mediscal school training should oeprate on your eyes. HB36 endangers the quality of healthcare for all North Carolinians.

Tell legislators to VOTE NO on HB36.

HB36 is a dangerous bill before the North Carolina General Assembly. If passed, HB36 will enable Optometrists, who did not attend medical school, the ability to perform eye surgery within our state.